Face Shields

Mass production and supply chains have been massively interrupted due tothe COVID outbreak. In-home and commercial 3D printers can help fill thegap by producing nasal swabs and other supplies that are hard to come byas the issues arise. We are seeing this evolve from full masks being printedto parts that help to outfit a current mask to become a filtered, virusprotection mask to assist with wearing a mask all day. Here are someinitiatives being accomplished with the help of 3D printers:

In order to 3D print enough Halo Shields, we need lots of 3D printer output. We have enough PETG filament to produce 20,000 holders.

We’re seeking organizations and individuals who have enough printers to meet the need NOW!  The Halo Shields will go to healthcare

providers and first responders who are not at “first tier” organizations.

Deliveries have already been made to police and fire departments, nursing homes, Meals on Wheels, jails and clinics serving Medicare and Medicaid clients.

We need 3,000 units right now! We currently produce about 200 per day with our own equipment.

3 ways you can help right now:

  1. If you have the equipment and skills Sign up to print at  www.ppe4dfw.org. The published 3DVersktan North American Letter Size STL file is in widespread production.

  1. Spread the word! If you know someone who can help, please forward this message to them.

  2. If you know of an organization that needs the Halo Shields, refer them to the “I NEED PPE” page on http://PPE4DFW.org.

Finally, if you are aware of a higher need than Halo Shields that we can assist with, contact chuck@ppe4dfw.org.

The money part:

The PETG for a holder cost about $.50 each and the transparency $.25 so we ask $1 each for a Halo Shield.  They are free to those who cannot pay.

A new Creality Ender3 3D printer costs $250 – order one and send it to us.  We will return it to you or donate it to a school at the end of this project.

Heading the Initiative

Chuck McCoy

Halo Shields


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