A Word From Our Founder

"I started the Health Hacking Crisis Network (HHCN) in response to a need to innovate swiftly during the COVID19 crisis. HHCN is a rapid reaction force that connects people who are willing to share talents, knowledge and ideas, and/or access to useful equipment in order to solve emergency healthcare-related issues quickly. The group contains physicians, engineers, programmers, scientists, designers, students, business professionals and many others who are willing and able to help. HHCN currently supports 5 different initiatives related to the COVID19 crisis. HHCN has been incorporated as a Texas Non-profit organization, run solely by volunteers. If you are interested in contributing please click the volunteer or donate buttons."

-Hubert Zajicek

Our Team

Hubert Zajicek

Founder / CEO | Health Wildcatters

Helena Papacostas

Postdoctoral Research Fellow | UTSW

Shae Talib

Healthcare Analytic Leader | PA Analytics

Heather Stevens

Founder | Rise360 Consulting

Julie Dye

Marketing & Communications | Marketing Dx

Tyler Register

CEO | Ataia Medical

Cathy Bryan

Board Member | VNA Texas

Chris Gay

Founder | KIOMA

James Griffin

CEO | Invene

Jovelyn Castellanos

Healthcare Leadership and Management Grad Student

Justin Nygren

Founder | New Branch Consulting & Events

Mahmoud Ali

Paul Sluss

Graphic Designer

Lindsey Settles

Operations Coordinator | Health Wildcatters

Taylor Slovak

Founder | DFW Sewing Relief group

Mohammad Badar

Founder/CEO | Locumatch